Jianyuan Min

Interactive Generation of Human Animation
with Deformable Motion Models

ACM Transactions on Graphics. Presented at SIGGRAPH 2010

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We present a new motion model, deformable motion models, for human motion modeling and synthesis. Our key idea is to apply statistical analysis techniques to a set of precaptured human motion data and construct a low-dimensional deformable motion model. Motion geometric and timing variations could be controlled via a small number of deformable paramters. To generate a desired animation, we continuously adjust the deformable parameters' values to match various forms of user specified constraints. Mathematically, we formulate the constraint based motion synthesis problem in a maximum a posteriori (MAP) framework by estimating the most likely deformable parameters from the user's input. We demonstrate the power and flexibility of our approach by exploring two interactive and easy-to-use interfaces for human motion generation: direct manipulation interfaces and sketching interfaces.